Safety Light Curtain Control Unit N

Safety Light Curtain Control Unit N

The built-in controller is compact and compact and can be installed in the control box of the device

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  • Product Feature

    ● Some devices need to be controlled by the controller to switch or close the circuit. The built-in controller is small and suitable for integrated installation in the equipment control box.

    ● The controller is used with the grating to drive the high-power load circuit and realize the automatic control operation or stop of the equipment to achieve the purpose of safe production.



    1. Q: Which light curtains can the controller be used on?

    A: QSA series light curtains, other light curtains can also be used together.

    2. Q: How to install?

    A: You can refer to the installation method in the manual or on the webpage.

    3. Q: Is this controller developed by you?

    A: Yes, it is independently developed by our company.

    4. Q: Do you have your own brand?

    A: Yes, DADISICK is our registered brand.

    5. Q: Are you a factory?

    A: Yes.

  • 安装图.jpg


    Supply Voltage

    AC110-220V±15% 50/60Hz

    Consumption of Current


    Output Status

    Two relay, two output, one normally closed, one normally opened.

    Output Contact Capacity

    AC250V/5A or DC30V/5A




    Wiring Diagram


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