Safety Light Curtain Deflection Mirrors

Deflection mirrors make it possible to create perimeter protection of areas with access points on multiple sides, with a considerable reduction of costs.This solution eliminates the need to use more than one safety light curtain.

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  • Product Feature

    ● Protection of areas with access points on multiple sides, with a considerable reduction of costs

    ● the working distance (range) is given by the sum of the lengths of all the sides giving access to the protected area

    ● For each mirror used the maximum working range between the Emitter and the Receiver is reduced by 15%



    1. Q: How to choose height?

    A: It can be adjusted according to the height of the light curtain.

    2. Q: Why use this product?

    A: The deflection mirror can reduce the number of light curtains used. Area formation can be formed.

    3. Q: Where can I use it?

    A: It can be used in areas where regional protection is required. The light curtain is better equipped with this product.

    4. Q: How to use this product?

    A: Use with the floor support column.

    5. Q: How long is the delivery time?

    A: About 4 days.

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  • ● Extruded aluminium section bar

    ● Mirror pre-fitted with heights from 250 to 1900 mm

    ● Angular orientation adjustable using supplied brackets

    ● Optical power reduction factor 15% (for each mirror)

    ● Special models equipped with mirror with protective anti-fragmentation film available on request

    ● Can be used to realise perimeter protection up to 4 sides


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