Safety Light Curtain Muting for Customizable Cables

The data line can be selected according to different models
The data line length can be customized.

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  • FAQ

    1. Q: How to choose the length of the line?

    A: According to the customer's use requirements, contact customer service customization.

    2. Q: Do we need OEMs?

    A: We can provide OEM services.

    3.Q: Do you have a dedicated brand?

    A: Our brand is DADISICK and it is patented.

    4. Q: What are your services?

    A: I will provide customers with quality services based on the pre-sales and after-sales services for customers.


    5.Q: How long do you work in the industry?

    A: Since joining the company in 2003, we have had 15 years of experience in the optoelectronics industry.


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