Universal Safety Light Curtain Controller

Universal Safety Light Curtain Controller

1. The controller provides automatic switching control and protection for two low-voltage incoming lines
2. Suitable for multiple types of frame circuit breaker
3. With NPN, NO and NC PNP NO and NC.

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  • Product Feature

    ● Ideal for safety applications in small and medium-sized installations.

    ● Support complex security controls with simple programming.

    ● Independent research and development, with the use of safety light curtains, the effect is better.


    1. Q: What is a general-purpose controller?

    A: It is a simple type of controller and transformer.

    2. Q: Available in those places?

    A: The controller used with the light curtain can be selected according to the customer's own needs.

    3. Q: What are the characteristics?

    A: The controller and the circuit breaker are directly connected to the secondary wire. No adapter is needed in the middle.

    4. Q: How long is the shipping time?

    A: About four days.

    5. Q: What are the method of transportation?

    A: DHL/ UPS/ TNT/ FedEx.

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