Safety Zone Sensing Mats

Safety Mats are used for safeguarding areas of danger on machines and plants with the aim of preventing unchecked access.

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  • Product Feature

    ● The mat can be individually adapted to the area which has to be secured. With the help of the closed-circuit-principle, a constant monitoring of the safety contact edge is insured.

    ● Safety mats are used on machines, plants and robotic systems where the areas of danger are unchecked accessed



    1. Q: Can this product be waterproof and grease resistant?

    A: Yes, you can choose the type of anti-oil type.

    2.Q: Does your company have certification?

    A: Yes, we have CE certification, ISO9001 certification, type 2.

    3.Q: What is the size of the product?

    A: We have different sizes from 500mm to 1500mm.

    4. Q: How to ensure the quality of the product?

    A:We will conduct repeated tests before shipment to ensure the quality of the products is excellent.

    5.Q: What are the transportation methods?

    A: DHL / TNT / UPS and other logistics methods.

  • Specification
    ModelLengthWidthOutputOutgoing wayOil-proof
    QDTN-500*500mm500500NOFour coreYES
    QDTN-750*750mm750750NOFour coreYES
    QDTN-1000*500mm1000500NOFour coreYES
    QDTN-1000*1000mm10001000NOFour coreYES
    QDTN-1500*500mm1500500NOFour coreYES
    QDTN-500*500mm500500NOFour coreNO
    QDTN-750*750mm750750NOFour coreNO
    QDTN-1000*500mm1000500NOFour coreNO
    QDTN-1000*1000mm10001000NOFour coreNO
    QDTN-1500*500mm1500500NOFour coreNO

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