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Five factors to consider when testing light curtain purchase
- Jul 09, 2018 -

With the enhancement of domestically tested light curtain technology, more and more customers are willing to choose domestically produced light curtains. Then, what are the factors to consider when purchasing light curtains?

1, selection parameters, in the purchase of infrared detection light curtain, you need to understand the requirements of mechanical use of infrared detection light curtain, such as detection height, detection length, accuracy, output mode, these must be based on the mechanical situation!

2, after installation and after-sales, some users may not understand the installation, then you can choose the nearest business, most businesses can provide on-site installation services, the nearest choice is also conducive to post-maintenance!

3, delivery period and payment method, when choosing the right business and products, we must clearly understand the delivery period and payment method. Generally, the domestic infrared inspection light curtain has a short delivery period, basically it is the first payment and the delivery, import infrared The inspection light curtain has a long delivery period and needs to be paid for the deposit.

When choosing a domestic light curtain, we must also pay attention to the following points:

1. Whether it has self-checking function, the light curtain must have self-checking function to ensure that the system locks to a safe state when the system fails, to avoid accidents!

2. Whether it has anti-interference ability, detecting the light source of the light curtain workshop is complex, must have the ability to resist light interference, and the ability to resist electromagnetic interference!

3. Check whether the safety performance of the light curtain is stable and the response time must be sensitive.

4. Whether the test light curtain meets the national standard, the product certificate must be complete, and there must be corresponding qualification certification!

5, can be customized, a strong test light curtain manufacturers will have this service, always encounter special conditions and mechanical equipment, so this must be available!