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How to wire the safety light curtain
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The safety light curtains are GR, GS, GTS, GT, GTD, GTC, GTP series, and the styles and models are diversified. Is the wiring pattern of these series of safety gratings the same?

The GR, GS, GTS, GTC, and GTP series of safety gratings mainly have two signal cables, one is a three-core cable connected to the transmitter, and the other is a 5-core cable connected to the receiver. The three-core cable mainly has 0v. 12/24v power supply line and a synchronous signal line CP. The five-core line mainly consists of 0v, 12/24v power supply line, CP synchronous signal line and output signal line NPN, PNP five lines, with GR series safety light curtain. Wiring as an example, when connecting to the PLC, the transmitter and receiver power cables 0v, 24v need to be connected to the power supply, and the CP synchronization lines of the transmitting end and the receiving end need to be plugged in. The remaining output signal line NPN/PNP customers need which signal output. The signal line is connected, thus completing the wiring of the GR series safety light curtain. When the GR series safety light curtain needs to be connected to the controller SBC-01, that is, 0v, 12v power line, CP sync line, there is also a digital signal line S line and ground line GND, the power line on the transmitter and the receiver The signal synchronization line is sequentially connected to the controller port according to the identifier on the SBC-01 signal. The digital signal line needs to be connected to the No. 1 terminal S port. The row of terminal interfaces below the SBC-01 need to be connected to the 220v power supply, the grounding line PE or GND.

The GT/GTD series safety grating has two double seven-core cables, which are 0v, 12/24v power cable, NPN/PNP signal cable, CE/CP synchronous signal cable and GND ground cable. Take the GT series as an example. When connecting to the PLC, 0v, 24v is connected to the power supply. The CE and CP lines of the receiving end are connected to the CE and CP lines of the transmitting end, and the NPN/PNP signal line. The customer needs that signal output, and the signal line is connected. Finally, the ground wire is connected, and the GT series safety light curtain wiring is completed. The GT series connected to the SBC-01 controller is the same as the GR series controller. It is nothing more than the GT series has two S lines. It is necessary to connect the two S lines to the controller No. 1 port at the same time. The other wirings are the same. When the safety grating needs to be connected to the SPC-01 controller, there are not only two signal lines, but also a controller power supply line. Both signal cables have air plugs, which are respectively connected to the corresponding positions of the light curtain and the controller. One end of the signal cable has an aviation plug, one end is 2 sets of normally open k1, k2 signal lines, 2 power lines (white is 0v, red is 220v), one grounding wire, one end of the aviation plug is connected to SPC- 01 controller interface, the other end is connected to the power line, grounding wire and any set of normally open signal lines, so that the wiring of the safety light curtain to the controller SPC-01 is completed.