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Regular inspection and maintenance of safety light curtains
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Safety light curtains are widely used in industrial safety production. In the safe production process, inspection and maintenance of safety light curtains are very important to ensure the safety of stamping operations. In order to fully and effectively use safety light curtains, it is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain safety light curtains. .

The items to be inspected regularly need to check the safety light curtain before the operation, mainly including the following situations: 1. For the inspection of the visor or mirror, it is necessary to confirm that the light passing through and the reflective surface are clean and not damaged. 2. Shading confirmation, it is necessary to carry out the test of one-by-one beam shading, and block each beam with an obstruction to check whether the controller is switched normally. 3. Check the effective protection range. For machine tools that realize the return non-protection function through the cam switch, the beam is blocked in the range of 30°-180° in the downstroke, and the machine slide should stop immediately. Items that need to be inspected regularly are generally inspected for six months, mainly including the following aspects: 1. For the inspection of fasteners, it is necessary to check and confirm whether all the fasteners are firmly connected, and if necessary, rectify immediately. 2. The relay check needs to confirm whether the relay is installed firmly, whether the contact is good, and whether the action is normal. It is also necessary to observe and confirm whether there is foggy turbidity inside the relay. 3. Check the terminal block to confirm that the screw is not loose and the wire is in good contact.

The safety light curtain also needs regular maintenance at the same time of regular inspection, including the following aspects. On the one hand, the safety light curtain relay, when the safety relay cover is foggy or the number of working times exceeds 1 million times, the relay needs to be replaced. After the replacement, you need to ensure that the relay is firmly fixed. On the other hand, maintenance related parts can be carried out according to the operation of the safety light curtain. For the cleaning of the filter and the mirror, it needs to be cleaned with a clean soft cotton yarn and alcohol. It is strictly prohibited to use organic solvents for cleaning. For filter and mirror replacement, if the filter is damaged, the filter and mirror should be replaced immediately. For fasteners, loose fasteners need to be tightened, and the fasteners need to be replaced immediately.

Regular inspection and maintenance of safety light curtains is critical in the process of industrial safety production, and a small mistake can lead to irreparable situations. Therefore, enterprises must do a good job of post-maintenance work.