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Safety light curtain installation precautions
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Safety light curtains are widely used in automated production, machining and other fields of work, and continue to bring productivity and safety to the enterprise. So what are the precautions for the safety grating when it is installed?

1. It is necessary to determine the appropriate type of safety light curtain according to the type of equipment and protection requirements, and effectively protect personnel safety. 2. According to the requirements of the equipment and the actual operation mode of the staff and the light curtain model, determine the appropriate installation position to avoid the production efficiency due to improper installation position.

3. The light curtain and bracket need to be assembled according to the assembly flow chart of the manual.

4. Install the assembled light curtain onto the device after the punching is completed at the determined installation location.

5. Connect the illuminator, receiver, and controller with the cable according to the instructions of the light curtain. Determine the light curtain interface of the device and connect the light curtain.

6. After the adjustment of the light curtain is completed, adjust the bracket to find the most suitable position, and adjust the light of the illuminator and the light receiver to keep the light curtain on the same horizontal line. The green indicator light of the light receiver is bright, and after all normal, test run. Foreign objects can be blocked by foreign objects to check whether each beam is effective. Test the equipment to verify the protective effect.