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The development trend of safety light curtain
- Jul 09, 2018 -

In 1952, the first international safety light curtain product was born, and it has been more than 60 years ago. The time when the safety light curtain products officially entered the mainland was concentrated in the early 1990s. During the period, Jining Keli became the first domestic-funded enterprise engaged in the research and production of safety light curtain products. In just over a decade, the mainland safe light curtain shopping mall has begun to take shape and form a certain industrial format.

According to the latest investigation by Beijing JF United Consulting Co., Ltd. (JFUnited), the “2008 China Security Light Curtain Shopping Mall Survey Statement” shows that in the past one or two years, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to safety light curtain shopping malls, and many foreign-funded enterprises have increased. In the implementation of the mainland, the establishment of organizations in the country, and the introduction of key products into the mainland shopping malls for implementation. Along with this, many mainland-funded SMEs have also begun to get involved in this category. In just a few years, sales have increased several times. From 2007 to 2008, the share of the mainland safety light curtain shopping mall was nearly 220 million yuan, and the sales volume was nearly 80,000 sets. The size of the shopping mall increased by 32.3%. The top ten companies are Shike, Keli, Omron (including STI) and Riken. In the meantime, the top three corporate shopping malls accounted for 31.2% of the total shopping malls, which was lower than the concentration of shopping malls in 2006-2007. Most foreign brands of safety light curtain products are still mainly imported, and will not introduce production lines to the mainland in the short term. As of 2008, the total number of foreign-invested competition enterprises in the mainland security light curtain shopping mall has reached 50. Meanwhile, European and American brands occupy high-end shopping malls and the highest prices; Japanese, Korean and Italian brands mainly occupy mid-end shopping malls, and prices are in the middle; Participation in low-end shopping malls, the price is lower. The price difference between the brands of the mall is significant. Taking the average price comparison between Shike and mainland domestic enterprises as an example, the average price of products with the same level of safety and maintenance is maintained at 3-5 times.

The statement emphasizes that because the mainland security light curtain started late; the terminal use occupation is relatively backward; the end user safety awareness is thin; the industrial security category lacks mandatory rules, etc., the mainland security light curtain shopping mall presents the following characteristics:

1. In the safety light curtain shopping mall, the brand element is one of the important elements of professional competition. Enterprises with strong brand influence means taking the lead in the competition. For example, brands such as Shike and Keli are in a leading position in the professional world because of their early entry into the profession and the high reputation of product brands. It is difficult for other companies to shake their positions in the short term. Together, price is another important factor affecting the acquisition of customers. Judging from the bidding results of terminal shopping malls, under the condition of equal product function, price has become a key factor to win. Many new companies entering the safe light curtain market are also the first to go through the price reduction strategy for mall penetration.

2. The safety light curtains used in mainland shopping malls are mainly grade 2 and below, including some regional sensors or photoelectric switches. The practice share of the 2nd and 4th grade products is close to 9:1; in this setting, the European and American brands have also adjusted their product strategies, and launched a higher cost-effective 2nd-level product, which has achieved good results in the shopping mall. Such as the Sike C2000 series safety light curtain, Bonner's EZ-SCREEN series safety light curtain.

3, from the perspective of the resolution of the product used, products with 30MM and above account for 87% of the market share. In the meantime, it is the most concentrated safety light curtain product for maintaining palm resolution of 30MM (optical axis distance of 20MM) and maintenance arm resolution of 50MM (optical axis distance of 40MM).

4. At present, the safety light curtain shopping mall, 71% of the products are used for mechanical point maintenance, and 29% of the products are used for channel import and risk surrounding area maintenance. From the perspective of the business affairs of various competition manufacturers, European and American enterprises are mainly engaged in the implementation of safety light curtains through engineering projects, mainly used in car occupation, packaging occupation and rubber and plastic occupation, for channel import or risk area maintenance; and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan And mainland enterprises are mainly engaged in business with the mainland machinery and equipment manufacturers, together with the development of spare parts and machinery and equipment.

5. The use of safe light curtain products in mainland China is relatively narrow in developed countries in Europe and America. Now it is mainly used in car occupation, packaging occupation, electronic occupation, rubber and plastic occupation, etc. During this period, car occupation, rubber and plastic occupation, electronic occupation as the main point of occupation, sales The amount accounted for 67% of the total scale, and the matching amount accounted for 62% of the total sales. The car production profession is the most used profession of foreign brand products, while the domestic brand enterprise products use the most electronic production profession.

6. From the point of view of using terminal equipment, safety light curtain products are mainly used in forging machinery and injection molding machinery, accounting for more than 70% of the total use. In the forging machinery, the press accounts for 80% and the bending machine accounts for 10%. The shearing machine accounts for 8%, and the metal cutting class accounts for 2%. Injection molding machines are primarily used in vertical injection molding machines.

7. From the perspective of terminal acquisition of customers, among the machinery and equipment manufacturers, the famous manufacturers, such as Yangli Group, Wuxi Forging, etc., generally purchase 800 sets of safety light curtains in the year; the first use is 45-200 tons. Export type hydraulic press. Other mechanical equipment manufacturers generally purchase less than 100 sets of safety light curtains a year. Car manufacturers generally maintain a safety light curtain between 50-400 sets for a single project. The number of single purchases of purchased safety light curtain customers generally used for the renewal of mechanical equipment spare parts remains below 30 sets.