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- Jul 16, 2018 -

China International Machine Tool and Tools Exhibition (CIMES) is sponsored by China National Machinery Industry Corporation, China Machine Tool General Company and China Machinery International Cooperation Limited by Share Ltd. It is the third largest international machine tool exhibition after EMO in Germany and IMTS in Chicago, USA.


CIMES2016 will be unveiled in Beijing New International Exhibition Centre 26th June 2016. Dadisick introduced their main products, such as QC Universal Safety Light Curtain, QB/QZ Ultra-slim safety light curtain, OR Watertight Safety Light Curtain, QA Long Sensing Distance Safety Curtain, QS Punch Press Safety Guards, QM Data Detection Light Curtain, QL Measurement and Automation light curtains, QSA Multi-area safety light curtain and QSM Vehicle Separator.



At the exhibition, the staff gathered the information application of actual combat intelligence, which provided inspiration for enterprises to overcome their own safety problems and get faster development.