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How To Choose A Safe Light Curtain Correctly And Reasonably
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Safety light curtains/gratings are also known as photoelectric protection devices (also known as photoelectric protectors, punch protectors, infrared safety devices, etc.) and are mainly used in some potentially dangerous mechanical production equipment such as stamping machines and shearing equipment. , automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical transfer handling equipment, as well as some hazardous areas (access or access to the production area, production peripheral areas, etc.) to protect the personal safety and mechanical safety of workers.

The safety light curtain/grating is generally mainly composed of an illuminator, a light receiver, a controller (if there is a control circuit capable of accessing the PNP output signal on the production equipment, no controller is required), a transmission line, etc., and the illuminator emits the set infrared ray. (not visible), received by the receiver, forming a protection network, such as


When an object enters the protection network, if light is blocked by the object, the receiver will immediately respond to the occlusion signal and transmit it to the controller, and then the controller will immediately process the signal (the time is short, generally less than 20ms) It is used for emergency braking of machine tools such as punching machines and presses, thus protecting the safety of workers and indirectly protecting the safety of mechanical equipment (if other objects enter the production equipment).

With the increasing degree and level of industrial automation production, safety light curtains/gratings have a wider range of applications. At present, there are many manufacturers of safety light curtains/gratings, and there are many types of products. The quality, safety level and after-sales service of market-related products. Such as the unevenness, so how to choose the safe light curtain / grating reasonably and correctly related to personnel safety, production safety, choose safety grating / light curtain should pay attention to the following:

First, choose the safety light curtain / grating in the quality we generally may look at the appearance first, no matter what the appearance of the product details will also see a factory to pay attention to the quality of the products produced, the safety light curtain shell is mostly aluminum profiles Do, generally do not choose the smooth, there will be light, this may affect the effect of light. There is also a data connection line, which must be used with a high-density shielding function, which can prevent the safety light curtain/grating from being interfered by other equipment during operation. Because most of the components used in the safety light curtain are supplied by electronic manufacturers, the electronic materials selected by the manufacturer also determine the quality of the products.

Second, the special formal safety light curtain / grating manufacturers produce products will be classified according to the corresponding standard grade, the most authoritative is the European standard to classify production. For example, LNTECH/Ryan Optoelectronics' safety light curtains and safety gratings are produced according to European standards, and the four-level light curtain/grating safety level is the highest.

Third, the second-level safety light curtain, grating It is a product of periodic self-test single circuit, the security is lower than the level 4 light curtain. For dangerous equipment such as punching, pressing, shearing and cutting, it is recommended to have a four-level safety light curtain or safety grating. There are not many safety gratings on the market. The imported brands include sick, omron, banner, etc. Domestically produced LNTECH/Ryan, ESPE, etc. all produce four-level safety light curtains/gratings.

Third, pay attention to the safety light curtain / safety grating protection height, protection distance, optical axis spacing / resolution, output mode, etc., the user should select the corresponding model parameters according to the actual needs of the equipment.

Fourth, in recent years, domestic brands are mixed, the threshold of entry can be high or low, quality and service are mixed, so choosing a guaranteed brand is also an important link. To choose a strong manufacturer. The quality of foreign brands is better, such as sick, science research, Omron, etc. Domestic brands such as LNTECH/Ryan Optoelectronics, ESPE, and Epp are very good choices.

Fifth, the pre-sales and after-sales service of the products is also very important. The manufacturers can provide cost-effective application solutions. It is better to have service points close to us, so that if there is any problem, it can be handled in time. There is also a warranty period. We should write the contract when we purchase it. The warranty period should be as long as possible. There is no best and only the most suitable.