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The Twentieth International Fair |DADISICKsick Takes You Straight To The Scene.
- Oct 16, 2018 -

The twentieth China International Industry Fair

From September 19 to 23, 2018, at the grand National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), there were nine major professional exhibitions with an area of more than 280,000 square meters. Over 2500 Exhibitors are expected to visit more than 160 thousand professional spectators.



DADISICK Electronics  as a leading industry expert in the fields of industrial automation, intelligent optoelectronics and industrial protection, has assembled the latest QV series optoelectronic protectors, QL/QM series high-precision measuring and testing curtain, QSM vehicle separator, proximity switch optoelectronic sensors, safety carpet and LD laser radar and many other new products at this exhibition. .

Not only will we show you the photoelectric protection products with high perfect logic self-protection function, but also we will focus on "industrial automation intelligent production". We will share with you the solutions of intelligent measurement and testing system with high precision and high speed, automatic weighing and sorting of intelligent production, and so on. We will elaborate on the essence and essence of innovation in production site.

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai).

Time: September 19, 2018 -9 23 days

DADISICK booth: 5.1H hall -F021

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About US

DADISICK Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high-end optoelectronic industry, specializing in optoelectronic, electrical, mechanical integration of product technology research and development, production and sales of science and technology enterprises. It is one of the first companies to enter the state photoelectric high-tech enterprise.

Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to the safety protection of finger-breaking and other stamping accidents. The leading products are safety grating, photoelectric protector, measuring and testing light screen, waterproof light screen, vehicle separator, photoelectric sensor, laser radar and other products, providing high-quality products and professional services for well-known enterprises in the industry.