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Measuring Light Curtain Can Measure What
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Measuring light curtains are a product used in the field of measurement and measurement, such as common carton volume measurement, vehicle height limit measurement, workpiece/object/part length, width, height, thickness, and quantity measurement.

If a measurement light curtain is used for detection (detection of presence or absence), it is generally referred to as a detection light curtain. For example, if the common express sorting is delivered and whether it is delivered correctly, it is detected whether the safe area is abnormal, and whether objects such as fast/small/slices are detected, whether they are crossed or not.

At present, the market is widely used in volume measurement light curtains. Let's talk about the origin of volume measurement light curtains:

In the fields of logistics, express delivery, factories, etc., it is necessary to measure the dimensions of packaging and products and measure the volume. If you do this work manually, it is inefficient and prone to errors. It is also to sum up experience and optimize work in practice, so it is necessary to solve this series of problems scientifically.

With the appearance of the Siken measurement light curtain, this problem can be solved very well. Volume measurement light curtain is an automatic non-contact infrared measurement. The device runs automatically and automatically measures. It does not have subjective errors like humans, and it has high measurement accuracy, accurate data and high efficiency.