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Safety Light Curtain Advantages
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Features of the safety light curtain:

1. Strong anti-interference ability

2. Long service life

3. Electrostatic spray metal paint

4. Various signal modes with multiple modes such as NPN PNP relay output

5. Dustproof and waterproof grade IP65 (waterproof splash)

6. The fastest reaction time is 15ms

7. Support reverse connection protection

8. Support overvoltage protection

9. Various models with regular three series

10. Applicable to all kinds of large, medium and small equipment such as hydraulic, forging, welding and shearing

Safety light curtain application range:

Safety light curtain controller features:

Safety light curtain controller works with safety light curtain to increase safety level

There are three main types of safety light curtain controller models.


1.SBC-01 safety light curtain control and safety light curtain

2. Built-in control, directly installed inside the electrical cabinet

3. The controller adopts advanced dual CPU monitoring technology to monitor each other and effectively ensure the security of the system.

4. High safety, the controller uses two interlocking relays to output together, even if the relay is damaged, it can guarantee the safety of the system.

5.SBC-01 controller is compact and can be installed in the electrical cabinet of machine tools or other equipment.