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Safety Light Curtain Introduction
- Jul 09, 2018 -

In modern industrial production, the most dangerous part that needs protection measures, that is, the part that is processed at the workpiece is installed as a passage between the operator and the machined workpiece, but how to make the protective door play a safety protection role Safety gates are especially important. When protecting the human body from the danger source of the machine, we cover the dangerous part with a protective barrier and add the door to the part that needs repair.

However, if the machined part on the machine needs to be fed in and out, an opening is required. Safety light curtains are devices that are shielded by light beams at these openings.

This is a sensing device with rows of optoelectronic photoelectric switches mounted from top to bottom that monitors a range of amplitudes. When the machine is in operation, the human body will cut off the light and stop the machine to protect the personal safety. Therefore, its performance and safety (IEC61495, JIS B 9704) are regulated in the IEC standard to protect the person. When used for the purpose, in addition to the light curtains that meet this safety standard, others cannot be used casually.

There are also regulations on the rules when setting up the light curtain on the machine. The machine to be set must have a stop function. It is also not possible to use the opening from the inside of the machine to fly out the workpiece or debris. In addition, protection must be added to the protection of the flying objects. The position to be set should be considered, the detection function of the sensor, the stop time of the machine, the intrusion speed of the human body, etc., in order to calculate the distance between the danger and the installation location using the calculation formula.

Calculation formula for safety distance (ISO 13852~5)

Safety distance S = K × T + C

K... the speed of human invasion

T... response time of the entire device system

C...the additional distance calculated from the object to be inspected