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Spring Festival Customs (1) - Dongguan Dadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
- Jan 22, 2019 -

     Spring Festival means the beginning of a new year in China, which is equivalent to Christmas in Western countries. Today, I want to talks you about Chinese Spring Festival.

     The Spring Festival is the most solemn and lively festival among the Chinese people, which evolved from the sacrifice of the first year of the year in ancient times. The ancient provides the precondition for the festival. Primitive beliefs and sacrificial culture are the important factors for the formation of the festival. New Year celebrations are centered around celebrating and praying for the New Year. They are carried out in the form of activities such as the old cloth, celebrating the new year, celebrating the gods and ancestors, and praying for the good year. The celebration atmosphere is rich and colorful, which embodies the essence of Chinese civilization.

     In ancient China, there was a custom of New Year's Day among the people. In ancient times, New Year's Day refers to the beginning of spring. When the solar season begins to spring, the transformation of Yin and Yang, the transformation of Yang and the beginning of stings, and the products are all spring, which means that a new cycle has been opened, and the beginning of a new year. The Spring Festival has a long history. In the process of inheritance and development, many more fixed customs have been formed, such as cleaning dust, doing New Year's Goods, sticking New Year's Reds, celebrating New Year's Eve, keeping the New Year's Eve, paying New Year's money, saluting New Year's Eve, dancing dragons, lions, wandering gods, offering sacrifices to ancestors, setting off firecrackers, fireworks, New Year's rites, etc.


Family reunion dinner

     New Year's Eve dinner is one of the customs of New Year's Day, also known as New Year's dinner, reunion dinner, reunion dinner, especially the family reunion dinner at the end of New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve dinner originated from the ancient year-end ritual, worship gods and ancestors reunion dinner. The Lunar New Year's Festival is an important event of the year before. It is not only rich and colorful, but also very important. Before the Lunar New Year's dinner, worship gods and worship ancestors, and wait until the worship ceremony is completed before the meal is served. On the table, there are chicken, fish, oyster sauce, vegetable, bamboo, lotus root, lettuce and raw garlic for good fortune. Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is a family reunion dinner, which is the most abundant and important dinner at the end of the year.

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     In the company, the annual meeting is different from the family style, not only a family sitting together to eat, but also added many interesting activities:

     lucky great white shark lucky great white shark is very simple in structure, but fun to play. The way is to break the mouth of the great white shark and press its lower teeth. Only one of these teeth will pull the mouth of the shark and make it close. If you press this one, the mouth of the shark will suddenly close and bite your finger. Of course, shark teeth are made of soft plastic and won't bite you. The bitten person can ask for a show. After the performance, you can give a small gift; you can also dress up as a shark, so that the process control of the game will be much more orderly. Throwing embroidery balls (providing three small baskets )a little more beautiful packaging.


     balloon game rules: a game of six players, two groups, one back baskets, one pitch. The basket-bearer tries to catch the ball from the pitcher, and finally decides the final victory or defeat by how many balls he receives. This game mainly examines two people's cooperation ability, to see who finally returns with full load. Two in pairs, one in the basket and one in the pitch. The basket-bearer tried his best to catch the ball. The group that catches the ball wins. There are three groups, two people in each group and two people in each group.

     Let me guess from your heartthe title of the game may be a performable idiom or word). Participants: Two people in one group can participate in many groups of rules of the game: the group of two people who start the performance of the game should first face to face (one man-made acting plan, one man-made guesser), and then the host will write the idioms or words to be performed on a piece of paper, so that they can participate in the rules of the game. The performer shows the guesser that when the performer finishes the performance, the guesser can guess the idioms or words of the performer's action, even if they pass the test. (Note: the performer can explain the action in language, but can not say the words in the action.) (Rathead and rat brain, cow, tiger's buttocks can not be touched, cunning rabbit caves, dragon and tiger leap, Wanma Pentium, Sanyang Kaitai, chicken and egg beating, dog anxious) Jump the wall.


     The activities were wonderful and the prizes were very rich. In a word, everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

     Best wishes for Dadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in the new year

     In addition, I wish you all good health, good luck in everything, and a healthy family.

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