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The Difference Between A Safety Light Curtain And A Measurement Light Curtain
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The light curtain is divided into two uses, one is a safety light curtain and the other is a measurement light curtain. The safety light curtain is mainly used for industrial safety protection, and the measuring light curtain is suitable for detecting whether the product meets the requirements;

Although the safety light curtain and the measurement light curtain are the same in appearance, the principle of actual work is different.

The working principle of the safety light curtain: the light emitted by the illuminator is directly received by the light receiver to form a protective light curtain. The light receiver monitors the on/off state of the light curtain, and transmits the on/off state signal of the light curtain to the controller through the transmission line. The controller processes the signal, outputs a control signal, and controls the alarm circuit of the machine brake circuit cargo alarm to realize the machine stop or safety alarm.

Measuring the working principle of the light curtain: The measuring light curtain is a special photoelectric sensor that looks the same as a normal pair of sensors, but internally contains two parts, the transmitter and the receiver, which are separated and placed opposite each other. The generated detection light is not the ordinary sensor only has one beam, but generates a light array at a fixed distance along the length direction to form a “light curtain”, which is matched with the controller and the PC computer for monitoring and measurement. The function of the size of the object. To operate normally, the light curtain measurement system needs to be configured with a controller. The controller is programmed using software. It can provide multiple scan modes and detection and analysis modes, and can communicate through serial excuses or computer PCs to transfer control or scan results. .