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Ultrasonic Sensor Introduction Page

DADISICK Ultrasonic Sensors
Basic principles of dadisick ultrasonic sensorUltrasonic sensors use the characteristics of sound waves to provide a contactless and accurate detection solution for detecting the status and distance of objects. The sensor emits mechanical sound waves with a very high frequency and receives the sound waves reflected back from the object. It calculates the time or energy between transmitting and receiving the sound waves to obtain the precise distance or status of the target object.
Outstanding features:Ultrasonic sensors are different from ordinary proximity switches and photoelectric sensors.Compared with inductive or capacitive proximity switches, its detection distance is longer. Compared with photoelectric sensors, it can be used in harsher environments and is not affected by the color of the target, dust, water mist, etc. in the air.
Widely used:Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for detecting objects in different states, such as liquids, transparent materials, reflective materials, and particulate matter.
Precision Detection:
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance. They can emit high-frequency ultrasound and receive reflected sound waves to determine the position and distance of objects. This type of sensor is widely used in various fields, such as automotive reverse radar, industrial measurement, liquid level control, etc. The core advantage of ultrasonic sensors is that they are not sensitive to light conditions and can operate stably in various environments, including environments with dust, smoke, or mist. Simply put, ultrasonic sensors accurately perform non-contact measurements by sending and receiving sound waves to "hear" the surrounding environment.
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Application
Ultrasonic Sensor Applications
Ultrasonic sensors have the following characteristics:
Non contact: Ultrasonic sensors can achieve non-contact measurement without direct contact with the measured object.

Wide range measurement: Ultrasonic sensors can be used for long-distance or short distance measurements, suitable for different application scenarios.

High precision: Ultrasonic sensors typically have high measurement accuracy and can achieve millimeter level distance measurement.

Real time performance: Ultrasonic sensors can quickly measure and provide real-time feedback and data.
Application area:
Ultrasonic sensors have wide applications in many fields, including industrial automation, robotics technology, vehicle safety, smart homes, printing and packaging machinery, etc. They can be used for various applications such as distance measurement, obstacle detection, liquid and material level control, position control, mechanical manufacturing, and equipment engineering.
Ultrasonic Sensor Detecting transparent glass bottles
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Ultrasonic sensors CSB12 series
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
Ultrasonic sensors CSR30 series
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
Ultrasonic sensors CSDB series | Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors | DADISICK
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
Ultrasonic sensors CSB18 series for Precision Distance Detecting | DADISICK
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
Ultrasonic sensors CSDA series | Double Sheet Detection Sensor | DADISICK
Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
Ultrasonic sensors CSB30 series High Accuracy Detection Ultrasonic sensing
Non-contact detection independent of colour, transparency or surface characteristics of the object
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QL04-20-60BRF21B|Measuring Light Curtains|DADISICK
Beam spacing: 20mm Number of optical axes: 4 Protection height: 60mm
DT14 series|Rubber Hybrid Safety Mats|DADISICK
Safety carpet is a technology that monitors the pressure distribution on the carpet through pressure sensing.
Laser displacement|COMS Laser Sensor|DADISICK
By converting from the laser into electrical signals. determine various characteristics,distance, displacement, or position.
20m Navigation Safety|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICK
Sensing range 20m, A technique that uses a laser beam to measure distance and create detailed maps of objects and environments.
Safety Relay QRSN
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
1. Do you offer OEM services for industrial ultrasonic sensors?
Absolutely! We provide comprehensive OEM services, including customizable product options and laser marking. Our team works closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.
2. How does your product's interchangeability compare with competitors?
Our ultrasonic sensors boast exceptional interchangeability with competitor products. This ensures easy replacement or integration with existing systems, minimizing downtime and ensuring compatibility.
3. What customization options are available for your ultrasonic sensors?
Our ultrasonic sensors offer a wide range of customization options, including different sensing ranges, output types, and communication protocols. We prioritize flexibility to meet your unique requirements.
4. How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your ultrasonic sensors?
Quality is our top priority. We employ stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process and subject our ultrasonic sensors to rigorous testing to meet industry standards and deliver consistent performance.
5. What certifications do your ultrasonic sensors hold?
Our ultrasonic sensors are certified to meet international standards such as RoHS and CE. These certifications validate our commitment to quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.
6. Can your ultrasonic sensors seamlessly integrate into existing systems?
Absolutely! Our ultrasonic sensors are designed for seamless integration with various industrial systems. We provide detailed documentation and technical support to ensure smooth installation and operation.
7. What support do you offer for troubleshooting and maintenance?
We provide comprehensive technical support to address any troubleshooting or maintenance issues that may arise. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the continued reliability and performance of our ultrasonic sensors.

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DADISICK Advantages

Quality Standards

With a dedicated focus on industrial production assurance for 18 years, DADISICK has pioneered the 'Product Reliability Laboratory.' This includes innovative testing such as vibration tests, impact tests, waterproof and dustproof tests, and lifespan stability tests. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality. Every product set undergoes rigorous testing to ensure integrity before being dispatched.

Rich Case Studies

Over the past 18 years, DADISICK has been dedicated to technological research and development, product innovation, and practical applications. With a wealth of on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge, we provide support to our customers. Our commitment lies in the development of safety protection enterprises focused on preventing stamping accidents in production. This commitment drives continual innovation and expansion of our product range.

Research and Development Technology

DADISICK is continuously committed to addressing the technical challenges and critical issues in our customers' markets. To meet elevated customer demands, we ensure high stability, precision, and performance in our products. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality.

Extensive Product Line

With a diverse range of products, we not only offer our own 2000 DADISICK products but also various brand alternatives to cater to your personalized needs. Our sales engineers are ready at all times to provide comprehensive support across all aspects of your business. From the design and research phases to model selection, on-site guidance, and operational assistance after product adoption in the production line, we are here for you.