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PEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains Replacement

PEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains Replacement
PEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains ReplacementPEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains ReplacementPEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains ReplacementPEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains Replacement

PEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm) Light Curtains Replacement

CategoriesPEPPERL+FUCHS Safety Light Curtain Replacement
ModelSLCT14 series | SLCT14-0100-R,SLCT14-0100-T,SLCT14-0200-R,SLCT14-0200-T,SLCT14-0300-R,SLCT14-0300-T,SLCT14-0400-R,SLCT14-0400-T,SLCT14-0500-R,SLCT14-0500-T,SLCT14-0600-R,SLCT14-0600-T,SLCT14-0700-R,SLCT14-0700-T,SLCT14-0800-R,SLCT14-0800-T,SLCT14-0900-R,SLCT14-0900-T,SLCT14-1000-R,SLCT14-1000-T,SLCT14-1100-R,SLCT14-1100-T,SLCT14-1200-R,SLCT14-1200-T
Scanning range:0.2-8m
Protective field height:100~1200mm
2 safety outputs(OSSD):2 PNP
Response time:11-54ms
Connection type:M12
Safety level:PL c2
Update TimeDec 11,2023
Detail Information
Replcement Models

SLCT14-0100-R   SLCT14-0100-T
QBT12/10-110 2BA
SLCT14-0200-R   SLCT14-0200-T
QBT20/10-190 2BA
SLCT14-0300-R   SLCT14-0300-T
QBT30/10-290 2BA
SLCT14-0400-R   SLCT14-0400-T
QBT40/10-390 2BA
SLCT14-0500-R   SLCT14-0500-T
QBT50/10-490 2BA
SLCT14-0600-R   SLCT14-0600-T
QBT60/10-590 2BA
SLCT14-0700-R   SLCT14-0700-T
QBT70/10-690 2BA
SLCT14-0800-R   SLCT14-0800-T
QBT80/10-790 2BA
SLCT14-0900-R   SLCT14-0900-T
QBT90/10-890 2BA
SLCT14-1000-R   SLCT14-1000-T
QBT100/10-990 2BA
SLCT14-1100-R   SLCT14-1100-T
QBT110/10-1090 2BA
SLCT14-1200-R   SLCT14-1200-T
QBT120/10-1190 2BA
Technical Parameters
Beam spacing
Protected altitude

Scanning range

0.2-8 m
Response time
Output method
Reliability and durability
Housing cross-section
20mm × 29.5mm
15mm × 30 mm
Safety  Certificate
PL c2
TÜV CE, China GB certificate, ISO Certificate  UL- FCC,TYPE 4
PEPPERL+FUCHS | SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm)  Curtain Sensor Replacement  
QBT12/10-110 2BA  /  QBT20/10-190 2BA  /  QBT30/10-290 2BA
QBT40/10-390 2BA  /  QBT50/10-490 2BA  /  QBT60/10-590 2BA
QBT70/10-690 2BA  /  QBT80/10-790 2BA  /  QBT90/10-890 2BA
QBT100/10-990 2BA / QBT110/10-1090 2BA / QBT120/10-1190 2BA

DADISICK Supply Safety light curtains sensor replacement for PEPPERL+FUCHS SLCT14 series (Resolution 14mm), 2 years warranty, support urgent global shipment.

DADISICK Supply Replacement
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safety relay Ter-A
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About our company
DADISICK has been focusing on technology research and development, product innovation and application examples for 18 years, providing support to customers with rich on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge, and has been committed to the continuous innovation and product extension of the comp any to prevent stamping accidents in production.

We have a wide range of products. In addition to dadisick's own 2000+ products, there are also a wide variety of brand replacement products to meet your individual needs. Our sales engineers are ready to provide full support at every level of the business, from The design and research phase to model selection, line operation with on-site instruction and after product adoption.

*Quick shipment to replace complete safety sensor
*DADISICK offers multi-brand alternatives with short lead times and consistent performance.
*Please use the website positioning search box to enter "brand + model" to find the relevant product series.
Safety light curtain QBT series  accessories for QBZ-01 Top and bottom cross screws
180 swivel brackets allow the 180° rotation of the light curtain around its longitudinal axis, and ajuste its position.
safety relay
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
safety relay LS-A series
safety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
Controller QET
Controller QET for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
DIMENSIONED DRAWINGS                                                                                                                                                                                         
Light Beam Curtain Cable Description
signal output selection (actual output of transistor working normally)
NPN output wiring diagram
PNP Output Wiring Diagram

QBT12/10-110 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT20/10-190 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT30/10-290 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT40/10-390 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT50/10-490 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT60/10-590 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT70/10-690 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT80/10-790 2BA-3D-STEP

QBT90/10-890 2BA-3D-STEP
QBT100/10-990 2BA-3D-STEP
QBT110/10-1090 2BA-3D-STEP
QBT120/10-1190 2BA-3D-STEP

Name: TÜV

Size: 1.61MB

Name: ISO Quality System Certification 

 size:  4.01MB

Name: ROHS Certification

Size:  688KB

Name: Brand trademark

Size: 1.15MB

Name: CE Certification   

Size:  996kb

Name: UL-FCC                           

 size:  116MB

Name: Corporate Social Credit Code      Size: 6.18 MB

Name: Certificate TYPE 4

Size:  996KB

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