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DADISICK Provides Brand Replacement Services

DADISICK is a professional manufacturer of safety sensors with solid product manufacturing capabilities, and can providing customers with alternative products from multiple brands.

Brand Replacement Services Process

DADISICK offer the most extensive collections of safety products.With around 4,000 product lines in stock, our safety technology enables us to swiftly configure each brand's technical specifications to satisfy 100% of our customers' industrial safety procurement requirements.
DADISICK customer service
  • Submit Requirements

    Submit Requirements

    Contact customer service to submit your requirements, with a large number of high-quality product solutions for you to choose from!

  • Customized Solutions

    Customized Solutions

    A team of professional engineers can quickly develop suitable product solutions for you!

  • Quotation For Style Selection

    Quotation For Style Selection

    Quick standardized cost accounting quotation, some styles can be customized,including OEM services and laser marking. These options guarantee tailored solutions.

  • Scheduling Production

    Scheduling Production

    Start mass production from the factory and complete production within the agreed time frame.

  • Reliability Testing

    Reliability Testing

    DADISICK has established a product reliability testing laboratory, and each product undergoes multiple layers of testing before shipment.

  • Packaging and shipping

    Packaging and shipping

    Wooden box packaging, international express delivery, ensuring safe and fast delivery of goods to your hands.

DADlSlCK provides multi-brand Safety Sensors‘s product alternatives with short delivery time and stable performance.
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