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DADISICK is committed to maintaining high-quality standards in all of our products and services, We continuously improve design, manufacturing processes, and product quality to provide optimal performance, for "zero defects" in our daily operations.

Our goal is to offer satisfactory and efficient customer support, timely delivery, and appropriate functionality at an affor dable price.
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Security Product of Turnkey Solution

Security Product

As one of the leading technical leaders in the field of industrial automation photoelectric safety sensors in China, DADISICK offers effective personnel protection devices that comply with international safety standards. Our products protect operators from harm caused by machines.

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Security Service

Ensuring that safety products meet specific requirements at every stage of their lifecycle is crucial. As DADISICK, a company that provides tailored support, we can assist manufacturers, integrators, and operators in taking necessary measures.

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Security Solution

The increasing automation of processes places ever higher demands on safety concepts. Classic concepts such as silence are often pushed to the limit here, for example at transfer stations and material locks. Our innovative safety solutions guarantee gapless safety, efficient material flow and high system availability, even in automated processes.

Application knowledge, one-stop solution

We build long-term partnerships where we take the time to understand your business and priorities, focusing on service, support and your success. I believe this is why 95% of our customers choose us.
Security Light Sensor

Experts for your application

Our ability to provide effective solutions begins with a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements. We have 18 years of rich experience enough to design a full range of security escorts for customers. Combined with product functions, we can effectively and efficiently solve complex challenges.

Safety Light Grid Sensor

Everything from a single source

Individual requirements need flexible solutions. Our high‑quality products and intelligent systems as well as competent technical advice and support form the basis of our safety portfolio. Benefit from our extensive range of products. The diversity of our portfolio means that we are able to provide you with all components, from sensor to control, from a single source – all with maximum user‑friendliness and all optimally matched to each other.

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Innovative safety

New challenges call for innovative approaches. We are constantly developing new products and system solutions in order to meet existing requirements even better and to meet new challenges effectively. Particularly in the area of optical sensors, new technological concepts mean that we are able to set milestones again and again. From the very first photoelectric sensor to concepts such as Smart Process Gating – we actively shape the advances made in industry.

Safety Grids for Industry

Experienced safety specialists

Sustainable machine safety begins with professional planning of the safety systems. It spans the entire lifecycle of a machine. Let our experienced and certified safety experts support you with competent advice. Take advantage of over 30 years of experience in machine safety and the passionate commitment of the Sensor People.

Safe application

We build long-term partnerships where we take the time to understand your business and priorities, focusing on service, support and your success. I believe this is why 95% of our customers choose us.
Optoelectronic and Automation Sensors for Industrial Safety

Safety applications

Effective solutions begin with a comprehensive understanding of the relevant requirements. Our specialized application know-how and many years of experience in our core industries mean that we can offer a unique insight into safety-related applications,

such as: