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Safety Protection

01 Hazardous Work Point
02 Entrance Monitoring
Safety light curtains protection of equipment
Photoelectric protective devices are used to monitor the entrances to hazardous areas. Worker interaction with the machines is regular but not frequent. In the context of safety at the entrance of an automatic material conveyor system, it is crucial to reliably differentiate between personnel and materials. Materials should pass through smoothly without causing equipment stoppage. However, if someone enters the monitoring zone, any potentially dangerous actions must be stopped.
03 Buildings and Facilities
LiDAR combined with AGV logistics forklift
Electronic protective devices play a significant role in ensuring the security of public buildings, real estate, residential properties, and other real estate. These devices complement existing protective measures, such as security personnel or structural changes in the building, very effectively. Sensors are effective in preventing vandalism, theft, intrusion, and escape. Safety measures arranged from the outside in can trigger alarms early, giving security personnel more time for intervention.
04 Hazardous Area
Security Light Curtain Multi Sided Access Protection Robot
A hazardous area refers to a region within or around machinery where personnel are at risk of injury or health damage. Threats caused by risks can be persistent or unexpected.
Laser Scanning Radar
Through laser scanning to accurately restore the surrounding environment, if an object enters the preset warning area, the lidar will provide an audible and visual warning signal to the operator. Lidar has been widely used in many fields such as driverless near-field obstacle avoidance, service robot autonomous positioning and navigation, AGV obstacle avoidance and navigation, factory area operation safety protection, intelligent security safety monitoring, and smart transportation vehicle detection.
05 Machinery and Equipment
06 Monitoring Gates and Hatches
Security sensor product portfolio protects unmanned work areas
For safety functionality, doors of separated protective facilities should be locked. Safety locking devices are used to temporarily block entrances. 
Meanwhile, the safety system monitors the doors and skylights.
07 Position
Measure the light curtain for spray testing
The machine's position, machine end positions, or machine component positioning are reliably monitored.
Safety switches
08 Action

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DADISICK Advantages

Quality Standards

With a dedicated focus on industrial production assurance for 18 years, DADISICK has pioneered the 'Product Reliability Laboratory.' This includes innovative testing such as vibration tests, impact tests, waterproof and dustproof tests, and lifespan stability tests. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality. Every product set undergoes rigorous testing to ensure integrity before being dispatched.

Rich Case Studies

Over the past 18 years, DADISICK has been dedicated to technological research and development, product innovation, and practical applications. With a wealth of on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge, we provide support to our customers. Our commitment lies in the development of safety protection enterprises focused on preventing stamping accidents in production. This commitment drives continual innovation and expansion of our product range.

Research and Development Technology

DADISICK is continuously committed to addressing the technical challenges and critical issues in our customers' markets. To meet elevated customer demands, we ensure high stability, precision, and performance in our products. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality.

Extensive Product Line

With a diverse range of products, we not only offer our own 2000 DADISICK products but also various brand alternatives to cater to your personalized needs. Our sales engineers are ready at all times to provide comprehensive support across all aspects of your business. From the design and research phases to model selection, on-site guidance, and operational assistance after product adoption in the production line, we are here for you.