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  • Improving the Safety of Woodworking Machinery
    Our client is a professional woodworking machinery manufacturer that produces various types of woodworking machines, including sawing machines, planers, and woodworking lathes . These machines often involve rotating knives and other dangerous parts, so ensuring the safety of operators is crucial. The client needs an effective way to improve safety and prevent potential accidents.
  • DADISICK Safety Light Curtains : Securing Sorting and Conveyor Lines
    In the field of logistics, sorting and conveying lines are indispensable operational links, but they are also places with latent risks. Employees need to work around these lines, and goods are moving at high speeds. In this case, safety has become the top priority. The client is a traditional Logistics Company, and they faced this challenge.
  • Peak Breakthrough in Automatic Sorting Efficiency
    The customer is a Logistics Company, and they face huge challenges when processing large orders. The order volume is constantly increasing, requiring higher speed and accuracy. Manual sorting can no longer meet the demand, and they urgently need an innovative solution to improve efficiency.
  • DADISICK Safety Light Curtains: The Tool for Upgrading Automated Logistics Sorting
    This client is a gem in the logistics industry, known for their efficient and reliable delivery services. They faced a specific challenge: how to improve accuracy in high-intensity sorting operations while ensuring employee safety. In an industry that demands efficient operations, automation technology is a key driver of competitiveness.
  • Innovative Future of Logistics: Security Light Curtains and Robotic Automation
    This client is a leading logistics company in the industry, and they have been committed to providing efficient and reliable supply chain solutions. However, with the continuous growth of market demand, they realize that innovative technologies must be adopted to meet customer needs and maintain a leading position in the fiercely competitive industry.
  • DADISICK Safety Light Curtains: Key Enablers of Logistics Safety Enhancement
    This client is a leader in the logistics industry, renowned for their commitment to the safety and efficiency of goods transportation. They have presented us with a specific challenge: how to enhance the safety in their warehousing and logistics operations. In this industry that demands efficient operations, safety measures absolutely cannot be overlooked.
  • DADISICK Safety Solutions: Empowering Safety in Solar Automation
    This client is a leader in the solar energy industry, renowned for its steadfast commitment to sustainable energy and workplace safety. They have presented us with a specific challenge: to enhance the safety of the automated equipment used in the manufacturing of solar panels. In an industry where precision and efficiency are paramount prerequisites, safety measures must be robust.
  • The Smart Choice for Enhancing Warehouse Operational Efficiency and Safety
    This client is a pioneer in the logistics and warehousing industry, renowned for their highly intelligent warehouse operations. However, when it came to optimizing the paths of AGVs, they faced a challenge: how to improve efficiency in a high-intensity operational environment while ensuring the safety of employees and assets.
  • Mexico Customers' Choice for Secure Printing
    Our client is located in Mexico and is a professional printing equipment manufacturer. They produce various printing equipment, including large printing presses. In the operation of printing equipment, employees need to interact closely with the machines, and the high-speed operation of the machines also brings potential safety risks. The client needs a way to improve the safety of operations and reduce the risk of potential accidents.
  • Important Safety Enhancement for Printing Machinery Installation
    The installation process of printing machinery usually involves complex machine movements and adjustments, and employees need to interact closely with the machines during this process. In this case, ensuring the personal safety of employees is crucial. Our client, a printing equipment manufacturer, also faces this challenge.
  • Application of Safety Light Curtains in Packaging Line Operations
    Our client is a specialized packaging and logistics company responsible for packaging and distributing various products to customers. Their packaging lines typically operate at high speeds, requiring workers to closely collaborate with machines and equipment. Therefore, they needed a reliable method to ensure worker safety while maintaining high-efficiency production.
  • DADISICK Safety Light Curtains Illuminate Safety in the Solar Energy Industry
    The client is a leading enterprise in the solar energy industry, renowned for its commitment to sustainable energy and workplace safety. They have presented us with a specific challenge: to enhance the safety of the automated equipment used in the manufacturing of solar panels. In an industry where precision and efficiency are crucial, safety measures cannot be compromised.
  • Application of Safety Light Curtains in the Packaging and Transportation Industry
    Our client is a specialized packaging and transportation company dedicated to efficiently moving goods from production locations to their destinations. Their operations involve various equipment and machinery, including conveyors, loading and unloading machines, and packaging equipment. Due to the complexity of operations and involvement of high-speed movements, they realized the need for an effective way to ensure employee safety.
  • Secure Door Lock Application for Authorized Access Control
    Our client is a specialized packaging and logistics company providing packaging, loading and unloading, and transportation services worldwide. Their operations often span multiple locations and require authorized access management to ensure the safety of their work environment.
  • Safety Enhancement for Fixed Conveyor Systems with QT Series Safety Light Curtains
    Our client is an industrial manufacturing company that extensively employs fixed conveyor systems to automate their production processes. These systems often involve high-speed operations and handling large volumes of materials. To protect their employees and maintain production efficiency, they needed a reliable safety solution.
  • Safety Upgrade for Belt Conveyor Operations
    Our client is a logistics giant specializing in goods sorting and transportation. They operate large-scale belt conveyor systems globally to meet the growing demands of logistics. With the expansion of their business, they began to focus on the safety of their operations, especially when interacting with automated belt conveyor systems.
  • Safety Upgrade for Packaging Line
    Our client is a large packaging company, processing a substantial volume of products every day, with timely delivery being critical. However, they realized that while striving for high-efficiency production, they must pay greater attention to worker safety, especially during packaging line operations.
  • Safety Light Curtain Application in Laser Cutting Machines
    Our client is a specialized laser cutting and engraving company that works with a variety of materials, including metals, wood, plastics, and acrylics. Laser cutting machines are their primary production equipment, but these machines can pose potential hazards during operation.
  • Ensuring Technician Safety with LD-05DP Laser Radar Obstacle Avoidance System on Automatic Tube Bending Machine
    Our client is a specialized metal processing company using automatic tube bending machines to manufacture various bent metal components. These machines require high precision in operation but also pose potential risks, especially when there is a chance of personnel or other objects accidentally entering the operating area.
  • Customized safety carpets on printing equipment
    Printing equipment usually involves high-speed rotating parts and moving machinery, which poses potential safety risks. To ensure the safety of employees, manufacturers and printing shops need to take a series of safety measures. The safety zone requires an additional layer of protection to provide isolation in front of the hazardous area.
  • Application of DADISICK Safety Light Curtain Sensor on Polishing Machine
    Our customer is a specialized manufacturer of high-precision equipment, including polishing machines used for surface treatment of various workpieces. Due to the involvement of rotating and high-speed moving parts in polishing machine operations, safety has always been a major concern for them.
  • Safety Application of 2D LiDAR Scanner in Hazardous Areas
    Our client is a company that manufactures industrial equipment, and their production lines have some potential hazardous areas that require ensuring a safe distance between operators and machinery. They had been searching for an advanced safety technology to enhance the safety of these hazardous areas.
  • Safety light curtains improve workplace safety for silicon wafer equipment
    This client is a well-known enterprise in the semiconductor industry, where accuracy and safety are crucial. They presented us with a specific challenge: to improve the safety of silicon wafer equipment. In a high-tech environment where personnel work with sensitive machinery, safety is of paramount importance.
  • Safety light curtain for danger point protection of automatic closing machine door
    This new energy vehicle company is a well-known enterprise in the manufacturing industry and presented us with an urgent challenge: to enhance workplace safety around heavy machinery, especially in terms of door operation. Their main goal is to ensure employee safety while seamlessly integrating the solution into existing production settings.
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