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Safety Products


Safety Products

QT20-40-760-2BB|Safety Light Barrier|DADISICKQT20-40-760-2BB|Safety Light Barrier|DADISICKQT20-40-760-2BBBeam spacing:40mm
Number of optical axes:20
Protection height:760mm
Safety sensors for machines output (OSSD):2 PNP
QO10-20-180-2BB|Floating Blanking|DADISICKQO10-20-180-2BB|Floating Blanking|DADISICKQO10-20-180-2BBBeam spacing:20mm
Number of optical axes: 10
Protection height: 180mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QL04-20-60BRF21B|Measuring Light Curtains|DADISICKQL04-20-60BRF21B|Measuring Light Curtains|DADISICKQL04-20-60BRF21BBeam spacing: 20mm
Number of optical axes: 4
Protection height: 60mm
QSA series|Multi-sided access protection|DADISICKQSA series|Multi-sided access protection|DADISICKQSA seriesBeam spacing: 80mm
Number of optical axes: 10
Protection height: 720mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
Safety Relay Ter-ASafety Relay Ter-ATer-Asafety relay for Dadisick Safety Light Curtains
OX-W3|The safety door switch with locking function|DADISICKOX-W3|The safety door switch with locking function|DADISICKOX-W3Used for monitoring places such as safety doors and windows.
20m Obstacle Avoidance|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICK20m Obstacle Avoidance|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICKLD-20D Series20m distance,A technique that uses a laser beam to measure distance and create detailed maps of objects and environments.
DT14 series|Rubber Hybrid Safety Mats|DADISICKDT14 series|Rubber Hybrid Safety Mats|DADISICKDT14 seriesSafety carpet is a technology that monitors the pressure distribution on the carpet through pressure sensing.
20m Navigation Safety|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICK20m Navigation Safety|Laser Scanning Radar|DADISICKLDS2030A5-5S SeriesSensing range 20m, A technique that uses a laser beam to measure distance and create detailed maps of objects and environments.
Ultrasonic sensors CSB12 seriesUltrasonic sensors CSB12 seriesCSB12 seriesUltrasonic sensors are devices that use sound waves to measure distance.
DT15 series|Rubber Safety Mats|DADISICKDT15 series|Rubber Safety Mats|DADISICKDT15 seriesSafety carpet is a technology that monitors the pressure distribution on the carpet through pressure sensing.
Laser displacement|COMS Laser Sensor|DADISICKLaser displacement|COMS Laser Sensor|DADISICKGFL-Z SeriesBy converting from the laser into electrical signals. determine various characteristics,distance, displacement, or position.
QO72-40-2840-2BB|Safety Light Screen|DADISICKQO72-40-2840-2BB|Safety Light Screen|DADISICKQO72-40-2840-2BBBeam spacing: 40mm
Number of optical axes: 72
Protection height: 2840mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO70-40-2760-2BB|Safety Light Beam|DADISICKQO70-40-2760-2BB|Safety Light Beam|DADISICKQO70-40-2760-2BBBeam spacing: 40mm
Number of optical axes: 70
Protection height: 2760mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO68-40-2680-2BB|Safety Grids for Industry|DADISICKQO68-40-2680-2BB|Safety Grids for Industry|DADISICKQO68-40-2680-2BBBeam spacing: 40mm
Number of optical axes: 68
Protection height: 2680mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO66-40-2600-2BB|Punch Press Safety Guards|DADISICKQO66-40-2600-2BB|Punch Press Safety Guards|DADISICKQO66-40-2600-2BBBeam spacing: 40mm
Number of optical axes: 66
Protection height: 2600mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO64-40-2520-2BB|Punch Press Guarding|DADISICKQO64-40-2520-2BB|Punch Press Guarding|DADISICKQO64-40-2520-2BBBeam spacing:40mm
Number of optical axes: 64
Protection height: 2520mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO62-40-2440-2BB|Press Brake Safety Light Grids|DADISICKQO62-40-2440-2BB|Press Brake Safety Light Grids|DADISICKQO62-40-2440-2BBBeam spacing:40mm
Number of optical axes: 62
Protection height: 2440mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO60-40-2360-2BB|Machine Safety Devices|DADISICKQO60-40-2360-2BB|Machine Safety Devices|DADISICKQO60-40-2360-2BBBeam spacing:40mm
Number of optical axes: 60
Protection height: 2360mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP
QO58-40-2280-2BB|Machine Light Grids|DADISICKQO58-40-2280-2BB|Machine Light Grids|DADISICKQO58-40-2280-2BBBeam spacing:40mm
Number of optical axes: 58
Protection height: 2280mm
Safety Curtain outputs (OSSD):2 PNP

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DADISICK was founded in 2006 and has rapidly grown from a startup into a leading player in the field of industrial safety sensor manufacturing. DADISICK is renowned globally for its reliable quality, product innovation, and cutting-edge technology in safety sensor products, offering the most dependable solutions for industrial automation safety across various industries. Our excellence is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality, evident throughout product design, engineering, and manufacturing, ensuring the safety of our customers.

Advantage 1: Rich ExperienceRich Experience

DADISICK has been focusing on technology research and development, product innovation and application examples for 18 years, providing support to customers with extensive on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge, and has been committed to the safety protection of the prevention of stamping accidents in the production of enterprises and the continuous innovation and extension of products.

Advantage 2: R & D technology

We are constantly working to solve technical challenges and important problems in our customers' markets. To meet the higher requirements of customers and ensure the high stability, high precision and high performance of the product, it is only to create a grating light curtain with better performance, more stable operation and more convenient use.

Advantage 3: Reliable Test

Rigorous, advanced reliability laboratory, a symbol of strength. Product reliability tests include: vibration test, impact test, waterproof and dustproof test, anti-interference test, life stability test, etc.

Advantage 4: Extensive Product Line

We have a wide range of products, in addition to dadisick's own 2000+ products, there are also a wide range of brand replacement products to meet your individual needs. Our sales engineers are ready to provide comprehensive support at all levels of the business, from the design and research phase to model selection, line operation with on-site instruction and after product adoption.

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