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Safety Light Curtains in New Energy and Photovoltaic Generation

Discover the vital role safety light curtains play in ensuring safety and efficiency in the realm of new energy and photovoltaic generation.
Safety Light Curtains in New Energy and Photovoltaic Generation
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New Energy And Photovoltaic Power is currently facing huge challenges.

With the continuous improvement of the automation of the plant equipment and production lines, the mechanical risks will increase, and the challenges: the safety accidents of the machine operators may cause personal injury, legal liability, social reputation damage, and economic losses caused by shutdown and rectification.
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New Energy Vehicle Enterprises Install Safety Light Curtains:

Safety light curtains use infrared beams to detect any object or person that may come too close to the vehicle. By installing them at strategic points, such as around the vehicle assembly lines or charging stations, accidents and collisions can be prevented.

Model: QMT50/20-980 2BB
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Benefits of Installing Safety Light Curtains on Photovoltaic Equipment:

Safety light curtains provide an extra layer of protection by creating a protective barrier around hazardous areas. They detect any intrusion or obstruction within their field of view, triggering immediate shut-off or warning signals to prevent accidents and injuries.

Model: QCE62-20-1220 2BB
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Installation of Safety Light Curtain for New Energy Production Vehicle Parts Equipment:

When the safety light curtain is installed upstream of the machine door, the machine door will automatically close. It features a compact form factor and a flexible installation design, ensuring no blind spots and seamless integration into the machine's overall design. The front screen is constructed from tempered glass, providing exceptional resistance to chemicals such as cooling agents, lubricants, and cleaning agents, thereby guaranteeing an extended lifespan.

Model: QCE16/20-300 2BB
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Installation of Safety Light Curtain for Photovoltaic Silicon Wafer Equipment:

That's a great idea! Installing a safety light curtain for photovoltaic silicon wafer equipment can significantly enhance the overall safety of the workplace. Light curtains are commonly used in industrial settings to detect the presence of objects or people and ensure safe operation of machinery.

Model: QCE08/40-280 2BB
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Installation of Light Curtain for Automation Equipment in Photovoltaic Industry:

Installing light curtains for automation equipment in the photovoltaic industry is an excellent safety measure. Light curtains are widely used in industrial environments to detect the presence of objects or personnel and ensure the safe operation of machinery.

Model: QCE12/20-220 2BB
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The Application of Safety Light Curtains and Safety Door Locks

Safety light curtains and safety door locks are essential components in ensuring the safe operation of photovoltaic automation equipment. By combining these safety measures, you can create a robust and secure working environment. Here's how you can install them:

Model: QCE10/20-180 2BB

Safety Light Curtains for New Energy and Photovoltaic Generation

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