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Welcome to our dedicated Download Center, brought to you by DADISICK, a leading provider of tailored safety light curtains. Our commitment begins with comprehensive consultation and design services, ensuring your solutions are not only efficient and cost-effective but also compliant with current legal regulations and standards.
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Explore our Download Center for access to essential resources, product manuals, specifications, and more, designed to streamline your journey towards a safer and more productive workplace. We prioritize delivering a seamless and informative downloading experience for our valued customers, aiming to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and elevate workplace safety.
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  • QSA series technical data sheet

  • Safety Light Curtains QZ Series |Technical Data Sheet

    1.Light cuain can achieve full protection for the slider can be stopped at any position on the press machine.

    2.The light cuain can only achieve upper dead point protection if the slider can not be stopped at any position on the press machine.

    3.Realize the regional protection for the indust manipulator, injection molding machines, packaging equipment,automation equipment, assembly wires and other dangerous work area.

    4.Used to detect and alarm object

  • QBT series technical data sheet

    The side compact safety light curtain is a specially designed safety device, which is characterized by a very thin thickness. Compared with the traditional safety light curtain, the ultra-thin safety light curtain has a smaller size and a lighter appearance, which is suitable for applications with limited space or a compact appearance.

  • QT series technical data sheet

    The Wide Scanning Range Light Curtain QT Series by DADISICK is the ultimate solution for applications that require extended detection coverage and enhanced safety measures. This series is meticulously engineered to provide a wide scanning range, making it ideal for industries where comprehensive hazard detection is paramount.

  • KT series technical data sheet

    The economical safety light curtain adopts optical synchronization technology, no synchronization line, flexible and convenient wiring. It is based on the synchronous transmission of optical signals between the transmitter and receiver to ensure the stability and reliability of the beam.

  • QO series technical data sheet

    Eliminating dead zones light curtains are by eliminating blind spots. They can be customized to specific application requirements,highly flexible and customizable including different heights, lengths and resolutions. In addition, they can be easily integrated with other safety equipment and control systems, providing enhanced functionality and adaptability.

  • QM series technical data sheet

    High-precision safety light curtains provide very precise detection capabilities, capable of detecting very small objects, even opaque objects as small as 2.5 mm. It can be flexibly adapted to various complex environments and integrated with other safety devices to provide comprehensive safety protection.

  • QRF series technical data sheet

    The Waterproof Safety Light Curtain QRF Series, proudly presented by DADISICK, is engineered to excel in challenging industrial environments where exposure to moisture and liquids is a constant concern. With a focus on water resistance and superior performance, the QRF Series ensures uncompromised safety and protection.

  • QMT series technical data sheet

  • QCE series data sheet

    The General Purpose Safety Light Curtain QCE Series from DADISICK is your go-to solution for ensuring workplace safety and equipment protection. This versatile series is engineered to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications, providing reliable and efficient safeguarding.

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