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Project Custom Design 2

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1. Understand the installation location and environment according to the photos and videos of the customer feedback site


2. We learned from the customer's requirements that the workbench that needs to protect the palm of the area 1, choose a beam pitch of 20mm, according to the working range of the corresponding equipment, we know that the required distance is 8m and the protection height is 620mm, and finally determine the model QA32/20-620- 2BC.


3. We learned from the customer's requirements that area 2 is the working area of the manipulator. To prevent personnel and foreign objects from entering, choose beam

The pitch is 40mm. According to the working range of the corresponding equipment, it is known that the sensing distance is 12m and the protection height is 1480mm. The model QA38/40-1480-2BD is finally determined. In addition, because the mechanical workbench is on the sliding track and is very close to the ground, in order to prevent Items on the production line slipped and got stuck on the track. It is necessary to monitor whether there are foreign objects on the ground. We confirmed that the laser ladar, model LDS2030B5S, is used to check the foreign objects on the ground. The laser ladar can set the monitoring range and the shape of the monitoring range according to the customer's own needs. , the farthest is 20m.

4. We learned from the customer's requirements that area 3 is the OSB equipment area. To prevent personnel and foreign objects from entering, it can form an area protection. We chose the light curtain refraction scheme and added a light reflector, among which beam

The pitch is 40mm. According to the working range of the corresponding equipment, the total length of light is 10m and the protection height is 1480mm, so the model QSA38/40-1480-A2L is determined.


5. After the customer understands the product function and determines the model, we prepare a 3D file of the product size for the customer, so that the product fits better with the customer's original mechanical design and ensures the smooth progress of the installation.

When you need to install a light curtain on an automation device, the following are some possible steps and suggestions:

1. Understand the equipment: Firstly, familiarize yourself with your automation equipment and its installation requirements. Refer to our product manual for the device or contact us to learn about the applicability and installation guidelines of the light curtain.

2. Determine location: Determine the location where you want to install the light curtain. This may require finding a suitable location on the device and ensuring that the light curtain can fully cover the required area.

3. Installation bracket: Install the bracket or fixing device according to the requirements of the optical equipment and its bracket. This will ensure that the light curtain is securely installed on the device.

4. Connect the power and data cables: Connect the power and data cables of the light curtain to the device. Ensure the correct power supply and cables are used, and follow the connection method between the device and the light curtain.

5. Installation and adjustment of the light curtain: Place the light curtain on a bracket and adjust it according to the equipment requirements. Ensure that the position and angle of the light curtain can effectively detect the required area.

6. Test function: After installation, perform a functional test of the light curtain. Trigger the light curtain and confirm that the device can correctly detect obstruction.

7. Regular maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the light curtain equipment to ensure its normal operation. Clean the surface of the light curtain and check if the connections and power cords are safe.

Before carrying out any installation tasks, please be sure to refer to the instructions for the equipment and light curtain, and strictly follow the installation guidelines and safety operating procedures. If you are unsure about the installation program, it is recommended to consult professional technical personnel or our support team for equipment.


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With a dedicated focus on industrial production assurance for 18 years, DADISICK has pioneered the 'Product Reliability Laboratory.' This includes innovative testing such as vibration tests, impact tests, waterproof and dustproof tests, and lifespan stability tests. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality. Every product set undergoes rigorous testing to ensure integrity before being dispatched.

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Over the past 18 years, DADISICK has been dedicated to technological research and development, product innovation, and practical applications. With a wealth of on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge, we provide support to our customers. Our commitment lies in the development of safety protection enterprises focused on preventing stamping accidents in production. This commitment drives continual innovation and expansion of our product range.

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DADISICK is continuously committed to addressing the technical challenges and critical issues in our customers' markets. To meet elevated customer demands, we ensure high stability, precision, and performance in our products. All aimed at creating safety light grids with superior performance, stable operation, and user-friendly functionality.

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With a diverse range of products, we not only offer our own 2000 DADISICK products but also various brand alternatives to cater to your personalized needs. Our sales engineers are ready at all times to provide comprehensive support across all aspects of your business. From the design and research phases to model selection, on-site guidance, and operational assistance after product adoption in the production line, we are here for you.

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