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Project Custom Design of Safety Solutions

DADISICK comprehensive services include stock management, engineer call-outs, training, security audits, competitor repair/replacement programs and after-sales service. Additionally, our Customer Collaborative Field Service program offers a broad range of reliability services.
Project Custom Design Of Safety Solutions
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Project Custom Design Of Safety Solutions – process

In the manufacturing environment, striking the right balance between machine safety and productivity often seems like walking a tightrope. But it doesn't have to be a constant trade-off. With the help of dadisick sensors, you can ensure maximum safety in your machine shop while boosting production efficiency. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we cover every aspect of safely configuring machines and factory setups, enabling autonomous system operation, and ensuring optimal collaboration between humans and machines. We position ourselves as a collaborative partner rather than a mere supplier. Together with our customers, we strive to add value throughout the entire supply chain and beyond.

1. Gather requirements

  • Examine layout and danger zones, clarify processes
  • Check risk assessment, define protective goals
  • Clarify timings

2. Selection of the safety concept

  • Evaluation of the requirements by our safety experts
  • Selection of the appropriate safety concept and the required components

3. Configuration and parameterization

  • Configuration of the safety system
  • Programming and parameterization according to requirements
  • Project-specific documentation

4. Installation and commissioning

  • Provision of the mounting and installation instructions
  • Mounting and installation of the system components
  • Support during commissioning and the integration in the control

5. Safety inspection and acceptance

  • Validation of the safety function
  • Initial inspection of the safety devices
  • Creation of the acceptance documents

Project Custom Design Of Safety Solutions – examples

If you have purchased a new facility that requires safety devices, please don't hesitate to contact us.If you are a newly constructed factory in need of a complete safety solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages for you

Save time and money with our pre-developed safety solutionsAll safety solutions are CE certified and compliant with standards. This gives you legal security.The intelligent and innovative safety concepts ensure smooth processes and seamless safety - even where classic concepts reach their limitsEvery safety solution is individually tailored to your system layoutOur teams of certified safety experts are with you throughout the project
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