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CSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICK

CSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICK
CSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICKCSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICKCSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICK

CSC30-2500-J60-U-V15 | Ultrasonic Distance Measurement | DADISICK

CategoriesCSC Series
ModelCSC Series | CSC30-2500-J60-U-V15
Size:Cylindrical 18 mm
Detection range:150-2500 mm
Material:Copper sleeve nickel plated
Connection type:5-pin M12 connector
Output Method:Analog voltage 0-10V
Security level:IP67
Ambient temperature:-25°C~+70°C (248~343K)
Update TimeJun 25,2024
Detail Information
CSC series analog output/digital output I/U/IU/RS485
Detection range
60-1000 mm
150-2500 mm
Blind zone
0-60 mm
0-150 mm
0.2 mm
0.2-0.5 mm
±0.15% of full-scale value
Absolute accuracy
±1% (built-in temperature drift compensation)
Response time
120 ms
160 ms
Input type
With synchronization and learning function
Output type: I
1 analog current output 4-20 mA, rise/fall
Output type: U
1 analog voltage output 0-10 V, rise/fall
Output type: R4
1 digital output RS485 modbus-rtu
45 g
145 g
Electrical data
Power-up Timer
< 500 ms
Operating voltage
10-30 V DC, reverse polarity protection
LED red light
No target is always bright , and no target flashes when studying
LED green Iight
Detected that the target is always bright , and the target flashes when studying
Overpower protection
200 mA , red light and green light flashing at the same time
Load impedance
I / 0-300 Ohm , U / > 1k Ohm
No-load current
≤ 30 mA
Copper sleeve nickel plated, flange probe made of PVDF material
Connection type
5-pin M12 connector
Protection Class
IP 67
Environmental parameters
Ambient temperature
-25°C~+70°C (248~343K)
Storage temperature
-40°C~+85°C (233~358K)
Dimensions  (unit: mm)

Dimensions of ultrasonic water sensor CSC series
Electrical connection
Electrical connection diagram of detectores ultrasonicos CSC series
Data sheet
CSC series data sheet
Operation instructions
CSC series operation instructions
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