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Controller QET

Controller QET

ModelController QET
Mains inputAC 100 V~230 V ±15% 50/60 Hz, DC 24 V ±10%
Overall power consumption≤5 W
Input voltageWC 220 V or WC 110 V
Output voltageDC 12 V or DC 24 V
Output current≤200 mA
OutputOne normally open, one normally closed(standard)
Response time<20 ms
CertificateISO, CE, UL ,FCC, TUV
Update TimeJul 17,2024
Detail Information
Product model
Mains input
AC 100 V~230 V ±15% 50/60 Hz; DC 24 V ±10%
Overall power consumption
≤5 W
Input voltage
WC 220 V or WC 110 V
Output voltage
DC 12 V  or DC 24 V
Output current
≤200 mA
Output form
One  normally open, one normally closed (standard configuration)
Output contact capacity
5 A, AC 250 V / DC 30 V (Resistive load)
Response time
<20 ms
Lifetime of relay
≥1 million times(Electrical Life)
Mechanical data
Case material
Installation of guide rail slot
Mode of connection
Connect the plug
Maximum wire size
0.5 m²
Environmental characteristics
Work environment temperature 
-10°C ~ 55°C
Storage temperature
-40℃ ~ 70℃
Work ambient humidity
35% RH ~ 85% RH
Storage ambient humidity
35% RH ~ 95% RH
Level of protection
Boundary dimension
145 × 90 × 72 mm


1. Installation tools


(1) Electric drill, drill bit (specification: φ4.3, (φ5.2, φ6.8), tap (specification: M5,M6,M8).Cross and slotted screwdriver, hexagon wrench (specification: 6#.8#), adjustable wrench (specification: 22"), Needle nose pliers.etc

(2) The installation of the controller bracket requires a diameter 5.2 drill and M6 tap

(3) The installation ofthe photoelectric support base requires a φ 6.8 drill bit and an M8 tap

(4) The fixing hole of the crimping buckle of the transmission line needs a φ4.3 drill bit and an M5 tap


2. Installation of built-in controller

 Connect the controller directly to the 35mm electrical rail. lnstalled in the electrical cabinet of the machine.

Controller wiring diagram
Controller Wiring Diagram
Controller Dimensional Drawing
Controller Dimensional Drawing
Controller QET 3D.STEP

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