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CSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICK

CSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICK
CSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICKCSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICKCSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICKCSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICKCSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICK

CSDA18-60-J55-3E3 | Ultrasonic Detectors | DADISICK

CategoriesCSDA Series
ModelCSDA series | CSDA18-60-J55-3E3
Size:Cylindrical 18mm
Emitter - Receiver spacing:20-60mm
Material:Nickel plated copper, plastic fittings
Connection type:2 m, PVP cable, 0.14 mm²
Output Method:3 switching outputs PNP, NO/NC
Security level:IP67
Ambient temperature:-25°C~+70°C (248~343K)
Update TimeJul 23,2024
Detail Information
CSDA single and double sheet detection series 3-way control output 3E1/3E2/3E3/3E4 
Emitter - Receiver spacing
20-40 mm
20-60 mm
20-100 mm
Blind zone
5 mm in front
7 mm in front
7 mm in front
Maximum allowable angle deviation
±45° to the vertical plane
Scope of work
Paper and paper with a unit area weight of 20-60 g/m², alloy laminates and film swith a thickness of 0.2 mm, automatic adhesive films
< 1 mm thick metal composite board and film, self-adhesive sheets, labels on substrate materials > 0.01 mm paper, PCB board, silicon wafer
< 3 mm thick metal plate
Output type: 3E1/3E2
3 switching outputs NPN, NO/NC
Output type: 3E3/3E4
3 switching outputs PNP, NO/NC
Response delay
4 ms
10 ms
10 ms
200 g
220 g
480 g
Electrical data
Response delay
10 ms
Operating voltage
10-30 V DC, reverse polarity protection
LED green Iight
Tip: Single sheet detected
LED yellow Iight
Tip: No target (air)
LED red light
Tip: Double sheet detected
Overpower protection
200 mA , red light and green light flashing at the same time
≥ 4 KΩ
Working current
3 x 200 mA short circuit protection / overload protection
No-load current
≤ 30 mA
Copper nickel plating , plastic fittings , glass filled epoxy resin
Connection type
2 m, PVP cable, 0.14 mm²
≤ 2 V
Pulse width
≥ 100 ms
Protection Class
IP 67
Environmental parameters
Ambient temperature
-25°C~+70°C (248~343K)
Storage temperature
-40°C~+85°C (233~358K)
Dimensions  (unit: mm)

Dimensions of non contact ultrasonic level sensor CSDA series
Electrical connection
Electrical connection diagram of ultrasonic water sensor CSDA series
Data sheet
CSDA series data sheet
Operation instructions
CSDA series operation instructions
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